Get the most simplified and first-in-class learning.


Simplified and first-in-class learning

Get the most simplified and first-in-class learning to do better in your chosen field from top scholars worldwide; share your academic knowledge to eager learners and make steady passive income while you are at it.

Advanced academic discipline

At Gap Concepts, we believe a core aspect in succeeding in any chosen field is to learn the basics. This is why we disentangle the complexities and provide essential foundational knowledge for all students at any chosen field to understand the basic concepts to apply into more difficult steps in an advanced academic discipline.

Impactful and enjoyable teaching

We make teaching and learning an impactful and enjoyable experience for everyone, where students can learn and set the tone for a successful academic path, pick up learning from where they left it, become self-reliant for the future, and teachers can feel fulfilled impacting the lives of several students across the globe.

Different Effective Teaching & Learning Options

As a modern learning community, among our core values is the belief that effective teaching and learning must suit your lifestyle. This why we offer different teaching and learning options so you can share and gain knowledge on your own terms.


Hobbies & Dyi Courses


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