Pursue your hobbies and make the most of your past time.


Learn from Expert

Learn from expert hobbyists with the same interest as you and get insights on how to grow your hobby into a thriving passion

Evolve the way you want

Even if you love your job, it might not evolve the way you want it. But with your hobby, you can always call the shots and keep the ball rolling just how you want. Gap Concepts gives you the platform to make this happen.

No Limit in Learning & Teaching

Gap Concepts is a limitless, boundless learning and teaching platform. Want to perfect your craft? Share your expert knitting skills? Become a beauty guru? Showcase your culinary skills? We have a wide range of DIY and hobby opportunities available for you.

Share interests across globe

You can pursue the things you love as a student or share your interests with eager students across the globe as a teacher in a broad and flexible environment on your terms and your schedule.

Do what you love

Here is your chance to do what you love conveniently, make money from it, and use the knowledge you’ve gained to live a fulfilling life.


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