Learn and teach in a physical classroom without a traditional mode of learning restrictions.


Collaborate & Share Ideas

Collaborate with peers and instructors on an agreed schedule. Interact and share ideas face-to-face with your peers and teachers. Our in-person learning is suited for your lifestyle. Acquire transferable skills and knowledge from industry masters and experts applicable to your career and workplace.


Conductive Classrooms, Faculties

There is room for everyone at Gap Concepts, is online learning really not your style, and would you rather be in a physical classroom? Then, have the feel of traditional learning in a better way. Learn in our conducive classrooms, faculties, away from personal disturbance and distractions.

Share knowledge as Expert Instructor

Get to share your knowledge as an expert instructor through our in-person classes. Bothered about how to set up an in-person class? Don’t worry about it. We will give you all the support you need to structure an in-person class one step at a time. All the tools and lay-out you need to carry through an effective in-person teaching experience will be made available to you.

Polish your skills & academic learning

Beyond academic learning and skills, you will acquire and polish your social skills from interacting with your colleagues and coaches.

Select more appropriate tools & Structures

You only need to select from our list of approved locations on your course design, choose the appropriate tools and structures suitable for your in-person class and we will take it up from there.


the Modern Learning Community

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