Never miss a thing;

Teach and learn your way.


Not have enough time

Take your first step to skill development for free. Browse, explore and grow your passion from the wide range of pre-recorded courses offered directly from us at Gap Concepts.


Want to listen to your favorite educator on the go

Learn your craft while you are on the train? Our pre-corded classes offer you the flexibility no other platform can beat.

Lectures are fast paced and in-depth

Lectures are fast paced and in-depth and trying to take it all in at once might be impossible; but taking our pre-recorded classes ensures you never miss anything, because you can listen overtime and re-play videos to note details at your pace.

Record Classes to accessible for everyone

As a course creator and online teacher, we will bring all the tools you need to create ever-green content conveniently on the web.

This also means a one-time effort to pre-record your videos and put them out for sale while a regular stream of income troop in for you.

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